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Where's Jerod now?

Below you will find all the information that Jerod wrote while he was actively producing and selling his artwork through his website and at art shows.  Since that time, he and his wife have moved to California to help with serious health issues.  Jerod is a landscape architect in San Diego and because of time constraints, is no longer able to keep his business going.  In an effort to clear out our basement and help them with expenses, we've started selling his work online and at art shows again.  

Even though Jerod is no longer producing new prints, I believe that his prints still have the power to move and inspire people.  So we want to make them available to you again.  Thank you for taking the time to look this website over.  Please feel free to call me with any questions you have, I'm happy to talk to you about this son who we're very proud of. 

Jerod's mom, Valerie Huwa.

About the Artist

My artistic abilities became apparent early in life, as evidenced by my kindergarten teacher keeping all of my drawings, most of which were dinosaurs, believing that one day I would grow up to be a famous artist. My family, as well as several teachers encouraged my study of art by arranging for a University of Northern Colorado art professor to tutor me every other week for two years in elementary school.

Years later, when I was sixteen I drew a baseball themed piece entitled Hands of a Past Time. When my mom hung the drawing on the living room wall, many of my parents’ friends suggested that I try to market and sell my artwork. I printed the drawing and began entering art shows in the Northern Colorado area. I pursued art for the rest of high school, slowly adding a few new pieces to my portfolio each year. Upon graduation from Windsor High School in Windsor, CO in 2001, I decided to pursue Landscape Architecture at Colorado State University, believing this would be a degree that would compliment my art through the study of design and composition. I continued to travel to summer art shows to help finance my college education.

While I continue to refine my design skills as a Landscape Architect at BHA Design, Inc. in Fort Collins, CO, my passion remains in creating art. Much of my free time consists of traveling to juried art shows, marketing, and creating new artwork – something I believe I was created to do.

My inspiration comes from my faith, family, hobbies, and artists such as Norman Rockwell, Leonardo da Vinci, and Ansel Adams. When I am not working on art, I enjoy spending time with my wife and “her” cat, working on our yard, and spending time with family.

Artist Statement

I do not try to create intrinsic beauty through my art, but instead, attempt to reawaken the eye to the beauty that already exists in God’s creation. Almost everyone has experienced the simplicity of hand drawn artwork using pencil on paper as a child, and because of this, I believe my audience is able to identify with my medium. I choose to work with pencil in black and white because of the nostalgia absence of color creates, reminiscent of a simpler time. Through my art I try to focus on the positive, expressing the beauty that can be found every day which is so often overlooked as a result of the busyness of life.

About the Artwork

I draw my originals on bright white, 100% acid free paper using a variety of pencils, a chamois, and a kneaded eraser. Often original drawings take between 50 and 150 hours to complete, which is why I only produce a handful of new pieces each year.

In order to make my artwork affordable for the masses, I sell hand signed and numbered limited edition prints, and usually there are 750 to 1,000 prints in an edition; once all of the prints in a limited edition are sold that is the end of the more productions will be made of it. The prints are full size off-set lithograph prints created using the duo-tone method which consists of two different colors of ink used to create each print. Great time is spent during the printing process to ensure the prints pick up all of the detail I added into the original drawing, and once printed, I am proud of the fact that each print looks as nice as the original. While the images on the web gallery provide a representation of my work, much of the detail I work so hard to put into each drawing is lost because of the low resolution nature of the internet; if you purchase a drawing or print without seeing it in person I am confident you will be quite impressed.

No-risk Promise

I have not experienced artwork getting damaged during the mailing process, but if your artwork arrives and there is anything wrong with it please ship it back to me with a note detailing what is wrong and I will fix the problem at my own expense. Additionally, if the print arrives and you are not completely satisfied please mail it back to me within 30 days with a note detailing your displeasure, and I will give you a full refund.